What You Need To Know About Face And Neck Lift Surgery

Face and neck lift are the two popular cosmetic surgeries. Both facelift and neck lift provide excellent results for most of the patients. However, recovery from such surgery may be quite difficult for some people. The following will help you understand more about the face and neck lift surgery cost.

Basics Information

Facelift surgery is widely performed on the face and neck. In face surgery, incisions are made in the face and neck. Sometimes scalp tissues and fat are removed too. After performing face surgery, scarring may occur and it may take several weeks or months for the scar to fade completely. During the recovery period, your face looks flatter, but it is important to keep your head and neck movements under control to avoid facial muscles from sagging.

In some circumstances, incisions are made in the soft tissue of the face and neck. This may result in swelling and bruising. After surgery, you may face feeling pain and numbness around your face and neck area. If you have sufficient elasticity in the skin, you may bounce back within few days.


Recovery from facelift involves several activities such as taking antibiotic tablets, wearing special dressings to protect the skin, avoiding bumping into things, sleeping well and avoiding hard work and activity. You may have to stay in bed for few days and cannot perform any strenuous activity. The surgeon removes excess skin or fat from the face and neck before repairing the incisions.

During the recovery period, your face will look pale and flabby. It is important to keep your face and neck loose to enable blood to circulate in the face and neck areas. You may need to use artificial skin to cover scars and bruising in the surgical areas. If you have enough elasticity in your skin, you may bounce back within few days.

The recovery period for face and neck lift surgery may be longer or shorter than the actual surgery. You need to take proper care of yourself after the surgery so that you do not develop any complications. You cannot eat heavy food just after the surgery because it can slow down the healing process of face and neck lift surgery. You can eat light meals but should avoid spicy and oily food.

face and neck lift surgery

After surgery, your face and neck might feel slightly painful. This can be treated with cold compresses. You can also take analgesics prescribed by the surgeon. The skin around your face and neck may be swollen or bruised and this can be treated with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. You need to avoid aspirin and other types of painkillers because they may increase the bleeding of your face and neck.

After the Surgery

Your face and neck lift surgery will give you a younger-looking face and better contour. However, you need to follow all these aftercare tips so that you can minimize the risk of developing complications. If your surgeon estimates that your face and neck lift surgery will be expensive, do not panic and try to get some affordable finance. You can seek help from your family and friends.

Before and after the surgery, you need to keep a regular schedule of medical check-ups. You must tell your surgeon about any previous surgical treatments you had. He will also need to know about any medications that you are on such as blood thinners, antibiotics and steroidal injections. This will help him determine the correct postoperative medications to prescribe during your surgery.

The surgeon will make some incisions in different areas of your face and neck so that he can take out surplus fat or skin. The incisions made will also help him insert thread and elastic bandages beneath the skin so that your face looks younger and tighter. Some wounds will be closed with stitches, while others will leave open stitches. This all depends on your case.

After a face and neck lift surgery, you will have to take certain post-operative care. Make sure that you follow all the guidelines given by your surgeon. Make sure that you follow what he says about staying out of the sun and avoid exercise for at least 8 weeks. Make sure that you give yourself frequent massage so that the wounds on your face and neck heal faster. Make sure that you have someone who knows how to properly massage you after the procedure.

Make sure that you follow all the advice given to you by your surgeon. This will help you achieve the results that you want fast. Make sure that you give yourself regular check-ups so that your wounds heal fast. Also, make sure that you visit your doctor regularly so that you can discuss any new medications that you might be on before surgery. Make sure that you trust your doctor and follow his or her instructions carefully so that you achieve the face and neck lift that you want.


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