Lip Enhancement – The Facts About Lip Augmentation

Women are not the only ones who would want to increase their lips. Men who desire to have fuller lips would also like to have the natural look. Lip augmentation, the process of injecting fat into your lips, is popular among women. If you want to improve your lips but feel that lipsticks are too much like your style, you may consider Botox injections; a fast process known as a lip flip which is also known as a lip tuck. Most doctors are recommending this lip enhancement surgery option at Kalos Medical spa, and most patients who undergo it appreciate their outcome.

Common Techniques

If you want to keep your lips fuller for longer, you may consider lip enhancement through fat transfer. This is one of the more popular treatments available. Fat transfer surgeons use fat from another part of your body such as the thigh or buttocks and then apply it to your lips. The fat is absorbed by the body and does not change your lip size or shape.

Other doctors use a technique known as the “bio-flavonoid” injection, which is an injectable form of hyaluronic acid (HA). Patients who desire smoother lips are advised to have large amounts of HA injected into their lips. This is the most popular hyaluronic acid treatment. Another method of lip enhancement is by using “seized polysaccharides” (also known as “zyme-lip belle”) or “bacterial collagen”. These treatments can also increase your lip volume and firmness, however, they are temporary and tend to leave an unwanted film.

Doctors also offer two other options for lip enhancement; minimal effort techniques and veneers. Minimal effort procedures include a gum lift or bleaching of the teeth; using fat transfers and dermal fillers. These are all very effective at giving you the look of fuller, pouty lips. For those who are not comfortable having their faces worked on, there is the option of using veneers. A thin film is used over the whole surface of the upper lip, giving a smoother appearance.

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Possible Risks

Although not an invasive procedure, lip augmentation is still quite risky. There is a risk of scarring, a distortion of the mouth, as well as numbness, bruising and inflammation. Because of this, a patient is advised to consult with his or her cosmetic surgeon regarding the best way to achieve the desired lip enhancement results. The success rate for the procedure depends solely on the skill and expertise of the cosmetic surgeon performing it. If you choose to have an upper lip augmentation, be sure to learn as much as you can about the procedure before you make your final decision.

For those who would prefer lip enhancement over surgery, lip fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are available in many forms and varieties. These fillers are made from the same ingredients found in natural lipids, which are fatty tissues located throughout our body. Because of the difficulty of achieving natural-looking volumes, fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are utilized by thousands of people to enhance their lips.

Other Options

Those who are looking for more permanent results are turning to lip implants for permanent enhancement. In essence, lip implants are saline-filled titanium shells that are implanted into the fat pockets of your lips. The plumpness you desire is accomplished by injecting the implant directly into the targeted area, creating that desirable fullness. As with any surgical procedure, there is always the risk of infection, but the risk of infection is reduced with silicone implants because they are solidified, unlike fat transfers and lip implants. Most patients undergoing lip enhancement undergo several follow-up appointments at the doctor’s office to ensure that all of the material has been inserted into the appropriate areas.

Although cosmetic surgery is a popular method of increasing the size of one’s lips, it is important to understand that there is no magic bullet. All cosmetic procedures are not permanent. There is always the possibility of future treatments that may need to be performed to remove excess fat or plumpness. Therefore, it is important to understand that long-term satisfaction with any plastic surgery procedures is contingent upon your expectations. Be sure to thoroughly discuss your goals with your doctor to ensure that you obtain the lip enhancement treatment that is right for you.

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